Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainbow Spectacular

I collected my kanga material, Ugandan made, rug this afternoon, made by Kampala Fair. It is now home, in my little apartment. I love it! It is so colourful and bright...just like the rest of my lounge actually(...I think I will have to tone everything else down a bit). Plus, the bonus is that it is super soft for bare feet!

After all my moaning about shopping in Kampala, I have just found somewhere new to spend my Shillings. Yeaaaay!! I also walked away with two new cute dresses, that are very Mad Men (apparently... I am behind in getting 'into' the show).

This made me very happy today, but here are some more...
3 more beautiful things for today.

Sweet goodbyes, success and spreading it on thick!
  • Reading some really sweet messages from pupils in my class to a pupil that is leaving. We created a leaving book today and it is clear that EVERYONE is going to miss this amazing wee boy.
  • Successfully downloading my photos from my phone... for the first time.
  • Spreading lemon curd on my slice of toast, having it with a cup of tea now - mmm,mmm,mmm!


  1. I guess you will want to add a twitter icon to your blog. Just marked down this url, however I must do it by hand. Simply my suggestion.

  2. ok thanks - i will have a look how to do that now...notice my 'just downloaded my photos from my camera...eek... :)

  3. there is a hyperlink for twitter on my that what you mean? I don't twit...

  4. Princess wants one of those. She has her eye on one..
    Quite lovely


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