Sunday, March 13, 2011

Storms and signs for tomorrow

It rained last night. Not much, just enough to tease us.
The heat of the day was then postponed, for a short while, a welcome relief to my morning run.

The sun did come out though, with its heat. Sweat was dripping through my dress at the shop. Now, only 5 minutes later, a storm is brewing. With that, before it rains, winds that whip up the dry, red dust, reminding me of the sand storms that I experienced in Kuwait, the days of seeing only a red sky.

I pass people dressed in their Sunday best, rushing to where they need to be, anticipating the rains. Not wishing to spoil their white shirts and recent hair weaves.

I sit in my lounge, the windows are shut, but the frames don’t fit all the sills and there is more than a bit of a draft. My many notes-to-myself are flapping, my hair blows into my face and doors bang shut.

The power will go off soon.

Will the rains come? Maybe the storm will blow over us, making us wait for a week or so more.

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  1. And the power did go out - I wish you hadn't predicted that. The rain is welcome but the power cut isn't!


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