Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just thinking about Japan

I've returned home to my bathroom in a bit of disarray; my tolietries have all been knocked off the shelf. The only evidence in my flat of the small earthquake that I didn't feel this morning.

The Earth may have moved for many people this morning in Kampala, but not for me! The quake was measured at 5.0 in magnitude in the Lake Albert region, West of Kampala.

It didn't effect my day, but it did give us all a reminder of how awful it has been for those in North East Japan; experiencing a 8.9 earhtquake, resulting in a tsunami, then after shocks of up to 6.0 on the Richter magnitude scale. 

Many of my pupils also felt this morning's tremor and this led onto a great discussion about Japan and what we could do to help.

My friend and I lead the Community Development Club, and are always thinking about new ways to raise awareness and funds; the last being a Survivor event. Fun!

But I am now scratching my head; my buy a wish (setting off balloons) idea wasn't received well. Bake sales are tired and not BIG enough. We need an easy to plan event so that we can get the ball rolling straight away. Make calligraphy cards in art and sell them? The Crane project? A mufti day- dress in Japanese national dress (eek-is that P.C?) A kareokee battle?

I would love your ideas?

Update  -30.03.11
Just to let you know what we went with in the end. We decided to 'send our love to Japan'. We are mapping a route of hearts from Uganda to Japan. Pupils/parents buy a heart as a donation and stick it on the map. We have pink, red and gold hearts that vary in value. Cute idea or what!? I love it. We are doing well, but are still hoping more people will purchase them. I'll add some photos soon!

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