Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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I 'treated' myself to some Kellogg's Fruit and Nut cereal this weekend. I usually don't buy cereal in Kampala. It is exorbitantly expensive and sometimes soft or just funny tasting. But I couldn't find Dorset muesli the last time I was in Nairobi...I know, the city is slipping from its pedal stool!

But this weekend, when I saw the box, I thought, well it is only $7, about 3KD, that is probably not so much more than it would be at home. Is it? I now realise that I am a bit out of  touch with things.

My mum used to always complain that my dad had no idea about the costs of things as he had lived away for so long.  This is true. This is also the man who has panic attacks at the thought of getting on public transport in the UK (Concord and Boeings are not in this category),saying that, I think he got on a boat or train in 2006 actually! (Dad??)

But what does it matter what the cereal would cost in the UK. I was willing to pay $7 dollars for the cereal today in Kampala, I might not next week. In Kuwait I paid silly money for silly things, P&Q bread being one of them...but that was when I was being paid silly money.

I'll ration the cereal! 3 times a week perhaps, my Tiptree Lemon Curd is for weekends, I can have fruit for the others!

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