Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate women. We celebrate being a woman and having beautiful, fabulous women in our lives.

A lovely day.

It is a holiday in Uganda. The only other celebration I know by the governement (apart from the day off!) is a talk on maternal health.But I wonder how many feasts are being cooked today, byyyy..?
What about celebrating the freedom of expression? A thought.

My 3BT -Sleepovers, killer runs and pretty, long dresses.
  •  I enjoy having my own place, but it is so nice to say goodnight and good morning to someone. The bed is now messy and the flat is empty; Jane has left.
  • A killer 1 hour 50 minute morning run. Not a beautiful thing really, but I am stronger for it. A nice thought.
  • It is a holiday, the sun is shining and I'm off to play in a pool and wish my friend a happy birthday. My loud dress says all of this! 
As I am in the mood for celebrating, tonight I will make pancakes!

Happy day!

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