I dream of Africa

A short story of how I ended up in Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

For years, when I was younger, I would hear stories of Africa told by the best story teller I know, Ian Burgess, a very good friend of my parents. I am never quite sure how true they all are, (but this never matters in good tales)-the animation and excitement always seemed to rise to a new level when he talked of years gone by when he lived in Africa. Although their family lived for many years as ex-pats in other parts of the world, their house is a shrine to Africa, quite a wonderland for a child, showing, I think, how much Africa was and still is part of their lives and their dreams.

That is when I began dreaming of Africa…just took me a few years to get here!!

In Kuwait I met many friends; Bob, Brian, Colin, then of course Jane and Sven, who all talked so fondly of their lives in East Africa, most of them were more sure than me that I would one day be here; which made me more determined to make my African dreams a reality. They were sure that I would love it…and I DO!!