Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bread, milk, Chie Mihara shoes...

Although it is a bit early to start the count-down until the summer holidays, the talk at the 'w' place is already about them.

Not, where everyone is going, but what everyone will be buying. One friend is heading to the shiny, air-conditioned malls in Dubai to go retail mad...I like her style! Could I fit in a weekend in Kuwait? Perhaps not!

I have an ongoing shopping list of essential buys for the summer, so that I won't get overwhelmed when I enter bright shops, full of glitzy and glamorous and totally unpractical items! I have written in capital letters; TWO BOOKS ONLY! I always get a bit carried away on this one- there are actually book shops in Kampala and Nairobi - but I get a bit over excited when I see new books with fresh pages.

There are always a few necessary items which I kind of begrudge having to buy; the new pair of trainers (a must, but so expensive), the sports bras and socks, some new outfits for the 'w' thing, the stickers for school etc. They are also on the list.

As well as...jeans. Jean shopping - something that is never as much fun as it should be. I think I may allocate two days to this task in the summer - I will start early and have breaks and try not to cry in the changing rooms!

Since I am on a budget, I should really stop looking online at Chie Mihara shoes...shouldn't I???

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