Monday, March 7, 2011

TIA -This is Africa!

We all have those 'I hate Uganda' days (don't we?).

We dream of air conditioning, of orderly queues, of good service, shops etc etc. For my fix of 'civilization' I go to Nairobi. No boda-bodas weaving in and out of traffic, quick and good service at a restaurant, coffee to-go, Artcaffe (enough in itself!) shops with things I would like to buy...the list goes on.

Then...around the dinner table in Nairobi with The African Adventurer and his family on Sunday, the comment "I need to get out of Africa" was said. It was said many times that weekend actually, by different people. It is fine if you can hop on a plane to your house at the coast, or Europe...but this isn't always possible.

So, Nairobi has its many frustrations. I have no doubts that this is true, I just don't live there yet and am too overwhelmed in the supermarket to see them! (I spent five minutes looking at the different salad dressings on Saturday. I didn't buy any!).

But the grass is always greener, apparently so lush in Cape Town or Dar that I won't want to move to Nairobi when/if I visit.

My solution was to suggest a visit to Kampala, then everything in Nairobi will seem much easier!!

(By the way, today is not one of 'those' days. It is always hard to leave Nairobi,(yesterday made harder by Kenya Airways!) but today has been hassle free. I was awoken by a fairy this morning who made me coffee, had power to write reports, I caught up with lovely Jane and I'm off out for dinner with a friend after a hot shower. A good day!)


  1. How long is the flight from Kampala to Nairobi? Would you say that Nairobi is a good city to hang out in?

  2. Hi! The flight is 50 minutes and it is a nice break from Kampala. You can go to the national park in the city, or a nice mall, lots of nice cafes and bars to hang out in too.


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