Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting ready to run

I've had a couple of bad runs recently. I have been so short of breath during my runs,but I think it is more the  thought of the Two Oceans getting closer than Kampala's hills! (I also have been thinking that maybe I have Bilharzia...always a good excuse in Uganda!)

So, I asked my running buddy/coach, if we could go on an 'easy' run together. I needed to boost my confidence a bit; at the moment I feel I am not going to be able to run for 21km in 5 weeks time, even if it is at sea level.

So, our weekend long run was a little easier. We avoided hills (well a lot of mean feat in a city that stands on 7 of them) and went a bit slower (mainly so we could catch-up on happenings in each other's lives). The cool weather was also to our advantage.

Now, I'm feeling better about my fitness. The hill training is brutal, but it has helped. I just wish I had known Cape Town was hilly before I signed up for the race!

I read some good advice recently and that was to only think of the mile that you are in. That is so true, if I run and think, "I've only ran 4kms, I'm never going to make it to 12 today", then I won't .

This evening I am going to swim some laps. In the coming weeks; a few more intervals, some more hills, a few more long runs, then I'll be ready. I hope.

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