Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exotic Escapes

Hump day was yesterday, a beer was had to celebrate, but still the weekend seems to be taking a while to arrive.

So when I read a post about a trip to Belize (here) on the net, I took a mini-break from sitting on my sofa and had a  wee day dream about my next escape. Not Belize for me, another time perhaps, but Cape Town in April. To run a bit, visit some vineyards, drink some wine, eat some yummy food, see some penguins and wander round Long Street. Sounds perfect to me!

I also can't wait to head back to the beach in Kenya. October perhaps. Sighhhhh

Yep, Zanzibar would also be nice!

We can daydream...

Photos from my last trip to Zanzibar.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to sail away now?

Yes, daydreams help...


  1. Gorgeous! Love your blog and all your interesting adventures. I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award. Please (if you have time), copy/paste this link and follow instructions:
    Looking foward to hearing from you ...and Bob's your uncle! :)

  2. Your photos are stunning! I had no idea what Zanzibar looked like. Cape Town sounds lovely - thats on our list :) Happy weekend!

  3. oh to be on a beach right now xxx

  4. Thanks for the award MNUKGIRL! Kirstyb, thanks for popping by!Horray for the weekend!

  5. Amazing photos! I'd love to visit Africa one day.

  6. In my single days, I would have been too timid to travel. Now that my youngest little one is making his way through the toddler years, I'm looking forward to exploring and traveling! I'm unlikely to be so adventurous as Africa, but look forward to taking my children to see the ocean and the mountains! Love the pics you share here.

  7. My bags are packed, lets go. I am ready to sail away.

  8. amazing place! your phots are gorgeous!


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