Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspirational Ideas!

The word of the week at the 'w' place would be; uninspirational.

I would rather write reports in my lunch hour than go to the hot,stuffy, uninspiring staff room...isn't that incredibly sad!

So, I have been thinking about all the things I would do if i didn't need to work. (I am trying to be (a little) realistic, so have held off listing all the APT World Tour matches I would go to!).

  • I would have a flat stomach! I would go to yoga every Monday and Friday morning and run every other weekday morning!
  • I would start taking golf lessons again, once a week.
  • I would play tennis more regularly.
  • With all the exercise, I would be able to go to have lunch at Rocks and Roses (a cute cafe that closes at an inconvenient hour, so not to allow those that work go to it).
  • I would make sure the ice tray was always refilled...for my G&Ts that I would have whilst I played scrabble!
  • I would join the PTA! (Actually...I am not even sure I would do this if I had all the time in the world!)
  • I would empty my last box that I got shipped from Kuwait. What is in that anyway?
  • I would PLAN my gallery/coffee bar.

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