Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time to train.

I am not someone who is easily motivated if left to my own devices. I don't find it hard to put on my trainers and cap, but I find it difficult to walk out the door with them on!

I need help! Help through motivational quotes from Runner's World magazine sent to my inbox daily and  through running buddies. I even signed up for the Two Oceans race and bought a flight to Cape Town, at  huge expensive, in the hope that it will make me get out running, regularly.

I rely too much on running buddies, and my buddy/coach is away at the moment, so am trying to get out on the roads alone more. This makes getting out the door harder, but as I am two weeks behind in my training schedule, I have no time for excuses. I just read that thinking alone, about my muscles will make them stronger (!), I better not chance it...so...

I'm off out for a run, alone.

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