Friday, April 1, 2011

All Quiet

It's the beginning of weekend and I don't have very much planned...for once. It will be a quiet one because; the African Adventurer is off being busy and important, I am at the height of my training (ha...big joke!) and... we haven't been paid yet.

So, I will embrace the little things.

I'm looking forward to doing some baking and cooking; it is cook club this weekend and I am going to make my first ever loaf of bread!Wish me luck. Plus I think I will find the first series of Mad Men, to see what everyone is talking about.

And with the weekend, comes my weekly visit to my florist. Sunflowers are one of my favourites.


  1. Good luck with the bread making! nothing like a sunflower to brighten a room x

    (p.s thank you for letting me know about my boden links :) silly me lol )

  2. My friend has started trying to make the perfect french baguette - who knew it would be so hard? Good luck on your quiet week - beautiful sunflowers :) XOL

  3. Thanks- the bread went down well at cook club!


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