Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cape Town

Cape Town is so hard to put into words. I had a great trip but was a bit overwhelmed by it all. So much of it I loved; the buildings, the wine, the carrot cake and so much that I am still processing. I happily wondered the streets with no plan, taking photos of houses and flowers and all things pretty.

When I arrived to Cape Town, my friend Tim was already in full tourist mode and had a list of sights for us to see. The day before the run we did the most walking. I was a bit worried about my tired wee legs. Walking to the International Friendship run at the waterfront (Tim ran-I took the opportunity for a sit-down and a coffee), walking to the Expo, walking back to our lodge, visiting Robben Island -all on day one.

Cape Town Loves Runners!

Tim joining his international buddies for the 5km

Tim wanted to go to Robben Island with Robyn!

Looking back to Cape Town from Robben Island

The afternoon after the Two Oceans we decided to stretch our legs and walk through the colourful Bo Kamp area and then headed to the waterfront.

A well earned drink after the Two Oceans

After the run, one highlight of the trip for me was the day touring vineyards in Paarl and Stellenbosch.

The weather changed-we moved to
reds and enjoyed them in front of fires.

Please do not disturb the cobwebs!

Still able to I walked some more, weather permitting.

I decided to walk (climb/run!) up Table Mountain in between showers. Not my best decision ever, as the view was not worth all the hard work. If I go back, I'll use the cable car!

What a view!

 Another highlight was a visit to the District 6 museum - it is taking me a while to process my thoughts on this aspect of SA-so I will write more later -but the museum itself was fantastic. A church in the area now houses photos and information on District 6 and the people that lived there. Ex-residents happily share stories and experiences with tourists. A real community spirit is felt and ex-residents are encouraged to come to the cafe and use the day care centre - it is such a happy place but holds sad memories.

 Three seasons in one day  -I sat by the beach in the sun on my last day. My friend in Uganda (Erika) twisted her sister's arm to be my tour guide! Thanks Elsbeth! :) Later I sheltered from the rain.

The next morning I flew over the snow capped mountains as I left Cape Town.


  1. Yay! It was a fantastic trip. Glad you enjoyed the rest of your time there and made it back to KLA safely.

  2. wow, these are beautiful i want to go so bad!

  3. Visiting from the weekend wander on for the love of blogs. i love these pictures.


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