Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Celebrations in Kampala

How can I not write about the Royal Wedding!?

Yesterday was quite surreal though. My friend, Jane, and I were up early and baked about 6 dozen scones - we were going to head to a champagne brunch to watch the wedding.

Then the text messages started coming through about the riots in pockets of Kampala. Not long after, we started to hear nearby explosions and the smell of tear gas started to waft through the garden.

Change of plans.

We found the BBC coverage on a Kenyan TV channel and decided to stay put. Jane and I 'ohhhed' and 'ahhhhed' at the outfits and hats (more of a 'noooooo' for Beatrice and Eugenie!!), munching on scones (there were many!) and drinking pots of Earl Grey tea, forgetting about life outside the safety of the house for a few hours.

Not the worst place to be stuck
watching the wedding!

I thought it was just such a beautiful wedding and I can't stop looking at the photographs of beautiful Kate and the dresses on the Internet.

Kampala is quiet again this morning. But it is clear that the quiet won't last. Museveni's heavy handedness when dealing with opposition is now making world news and eyebrows have been raised.

So, in short, I'm not sick of reading about the Royals in the news.

wedding photos

PS- Can anyone pick me up a copy of  'Hello' on Thursday and save it for me??


  1. I was watched it in the USA, which meant getting up at 5am, but it was worth it! I thought it was great fun! It all seemed to run smoothly. The balcony scene and fly past was particularly moving!


  2. robyn, thank you for visiting my blog and for following me. now i'm acquainted with your blog and oh-so interesting life in kampala! i should like to learn more about your expat life and your adoptive country and am now following you. please drop by my blog to say hi from time to time!


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