Friday, April 8, 2011

sunny side up

I have not been able to use my kettle all week. The power has been so unreliable and only ever seems to be 'on' when I am out of the apartment. My inverter even ran out of power last night (which never happens), so no reserves. My phone battery died, no laptop power and my fridge has therefore been on and off constantly; probably the reason why my stomach is so dodgy! Only a little annoyance to remind us that we live in Africa. Not as annoying as spending everyday on the phone to a call-centre in Ireland trying to sort out my flight to Cape Town with expedia; that is so annoying!

I would say this week has not been the best for some friends and colleagues at the 'w' place:

  • One house was broken into,really broken into; they got in by bashing a hole through the brick wall, then once inside, breaking the door to get everything out. The Ugandan rugby team is now checking-out every passer-byers shoes in the hope of catching the culprits!
  • A leg was broken.
  • One lucky escape; a teacher was knocked over by a lorry just near the school and came out bruised and battered.
  • Money was stolen, meant for charity.
  • A boda-boda accident; another colleague was involved in a motorcycle accident. A reminder that the convenient little scooters are very dangerous.
  • And a heart was broken.

On a positive front; my first week on weight watchers was given a kick start, I had a great run on Thursday with my buddy and I've just read on the BBC that shopping 'may improve health'. Looking for that silver lining.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the money for Japan. The amount of theft at the moment is out of control. Feel better soon x

  2. i know- how rubbish..!thanks x


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