Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mad Men Mania

Why does having a 'good old' cry, watching Carrie getting jilted at the steps of the library make us feel better? ( I don't just cry watching this, but near hyperventilate...saddo!) I specifically chose a weepy, it's like choosing Out of Africa, or the Bridge of Madison it good, feeling bad? No more movies, a series then...

So, I started watching Mad Men (I am four seasons behind,so don't spoil it for me) which is depressing as hell, but addictive all the same.

Yesterday, after a friend's comment at the salon, I decided to go all out with the Mad Men obsession. I got my hair flicked out, my nails painted in 'go faster' red/orange (which made me run faster this morning too!), put on my pearls and my Mad Men 'hits-you-where-it-hits-you' dress and wore red lipstick. I was even tempted to buy some Lucky Strikes, but as I don't smoke, thought that was taking it a bit far! Anyhow, it was great! I felt just as depressed as the women depicted in the show! Marvellous. Mind you, I would have cheered up if Don Draper walked into the room!

No Mad Men tonight for me! I think I'll watch the Jungle Book.


  1. I've been meaning to watch Mad Men, but now I'm not sure. Is it really that depressing?

  2. pretty much, but you should still watch it, great styles and soundtrack!

  3. pretty much, but you should still watch it, great styles and soundtrack!

  4. I haven't watched it before. But I do love Modern Family - if you can catch it. Really funny!

    American pretzel - the salt is the appeal. Did you dip it in mustard? We eat them at baseball games - so has a good seasonal vibe to it :) It's more than the pretzel

  5. I've heard of Modern Family, is it an American show?

    No, no mustard, it was offered though...maybe I should have gone all out!

  6. You looked divine darling. A beautiful time warp.


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