Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wildebeest Story

"Africa saved them....from themselves".
So many sarcastic comments come to mind. Well, I am a Scot after all!

This often happens when I am up-country and meet 18 year old students on a gap "yah" saving the world'. The phrase " Mummy, can we adopt an African" was honestly said by a volunteer I once lived with!! But I've been there (I never said that though, but...) I was changed too!
I can't really be that cynical can I !? Well, I am my father's daughter after all!

I think my friends at home still think that I am here saving the world...but like I said in my 10 year reunion speech (thanks Rob) - even rich children need an education! (I then went on to ask for a job in my old boarding school...)
There should be no illusions for the real reasons why I am here in Africa.
The safari, adventures and anecdotes.

Now that I know how to upload videos from u-tube (I have no technical talents!) - I want to share a talented storyteller with you ..no, not I (!!!), Billy Connolly.

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  1. I love Billy Connolly and incredibly this is a clip that I don't think I've seen, so thanks! :-D


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