Friday, November 26, 2010

sailors, laps and cupcakes

My week has not been the best here in Uganda. I need a in, a break from the city! People can be so much meaner here. I lost my patience in the bank and had to turn around to check that I didn't know anybody...before I carried on my rant.

Maybe because of this, my day was even sweeter today! There were lots of beautiful smiles.

1. My class had their assembly. They were explorers on the galleon Victoria. They were excited and happy; I was relieved!

2. I swam laps at the country club, unable to face a run. It was fun and tiring- and as I dried in the sun talking to my friend, I wondered, why I haven't been doing that in my 16 months in Kampala!

3. I have been wanting to bake all week-so I made six fluffy and light vanilla cupcakes. There are now four.

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