Tuesday, November 2, 2010

City Life

In the world of 'Robyn', today has been a very good day!

A very productive day at work, both in teaching and as head tour-guide operator for RUT; Robyn's Ugandan Trips!!  Having seen the positive feedback that my friend, Tania, got from her photos, I feel I have found my first employee - as Marketing Manager.

Today's other highlights; renewing my car insurance. I panicked at how long this might take; waiting in an office down-town, to be told I had the wrong paper work or such-and-such wasn't here etc. But no! All it took was a phone call, a ride on a boda to avoid being stuck in traffic, a lot of money and two minutes in the office! Amazingly civilized!

I then went to the bank (I avoid this- it goes at the end of every 'to do' list) to cash in some extra money that the school gave me. Well, I had earned  it- but had forgotten about it, nice all the same. As I went through the enclosed time-capsule that is the door (one door opens, step in, the other door opens,  enter the bank) and passed the guard with the machine gun(not kidding - not the usual rusty AK47, but a deadly and intimidating silver machine gun, held by a guard with his shoe laces undone...scary!!) my cool began to  heat-up. But-yet again, I was pleasantly surprised-  no stress today!

Kampala, I don't give you enough credit!

So-home in time to make pea and pesto soup, time for a long scrub (boda-boda hair is not attractive!) and time to write a blog!


  1. Did you use the Avacodo hair conditioner!

    Ha ha....


  2. I did - I love it! Hope you do too!


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