Friday, November 12, 2010

3 beautiful things that I miss

To-go, layers and cold cheeks

  • This morning,as I licked my foam from my cappuccino at school (...yes, that is right, we have a morning cafe at our school...  pancakes and cappuccinos, catered by our sister 'health' club), a friend commented how she missed Starbucks. There are times; like the report writing period, when I dream of lattes to-go! I bet the red cups are now back for another Winter. The words "now, now" (often used here to speed things up, but has the same effect as 'inshallah') spring to mind! 

  • I am spending lots of time finding super cute boutiques online that have soft woolen layers. As I can't buy anything for myself, I share these lovely online shops with friends. I often bring a soft cardigan into school-the pretty things just decorate my chairs!

  • Don't you love it when someone gets in touch with you out of the blue? This happened to me yesterday, and it got me thinking a bit about home. I know I would probably hate the dark days of Winter, after a week, if I went back to Scotland.  Especially in January, when all the Christmas lights have been taken down. But I miss the cold! Wearing soft leather boots and layers, walking with the wind biting at my cheeks, thankful for the steaming mug and friend that waits for me in Starbucks!
It is sunny today!

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