Friday, November 19, 2010

Wanna be in my gang?

After the whole 'New York City marathon mania', I signed-up for my second half marathon.

I am looking forward to it. It will be my second big race,Dubai being my first. My first half marathon in Jinja left me with no T-shirt to wear, no medal, no photo finish or an official time ...I may as well have not been there! I am looking forward to running with the big crowds, being passed and passing others, being cheered on by spectators and having more than 3 water stops!

As I am running the half marathon alone (with hundreds of other people!) I have been trying to pound the pavements with the company of myself and I, just to get used it is so much harder by yourself! However, with the Kampala MTN marathon  just around the corner ( I am signed-up for the hilly 10km), my normal quiet running route is now full of joggers and trotters out for the last push before race day.

I might have to run with my camera next week (no i-phone 4 for me, my mobile has a torch...much more useful in Uganda...usually!) just to take photos of all the gangs of runners; men gossiping, women having a wee giggle, energetic teenagers, cute rugby players, hard core athletes and those running in boots that are cut to give their feet more room.

We all know the tough hills in the area and praise those that are still running when they reach the top, we smile and greet each other, or if our breath leaves us, give each other a wave.
It is a cool club to be part of!

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