Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Counting down

I have been re-watching Ewan McGregor's 'A Long Way Down' -I love it! It makes me excited about all my future travels and adventures in Africa. I am so lucky to live here and have it all on my door step...bit of a bugger that us teachers don't have long holidays though!!!

But, I have just over 4 weeks left of school before my Christmas holiday, until... you guessed it...safari!!!

I am now realising that I better start writing my 'to do' list, stuff I have to do before then; take car to the mechanics, post Christmas cards, pay for accommodation, make mince pies, paint guest bedroom..!

I was hoping to have a weekend away out of Kampala in these 4 weeks, you know, to relax with my friends before my parents arrive (only joking!!!) but with birthdays,10km road races (and the training!!) pantos, cook club and ceilidhs, there is just no time.

So, I will be counting down the days until the arrival of my VIP guests. Where we will see lots more of these...

Tania's great photos from our October safari.

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