Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 more beautiful things

The day is not even over- but I have 3 more beautiful things to share that gave me pleasure; the shuffle, wool and calendars!
  • My brother sent me a bright pink i-pod shuffle for my birthday. It is pretty and shiny and will give me faster running legs! I tried to sort out my music last night, but failed, but an ICT technician at school was easily able to sort out my shuffle! I am now ready to rock and run!!
  • It has been pretty grey in Kampala of recent, so I decided that today I would wear a cozy woolen dress that a friend gave me in Kuwait. I miss wearing soft clothes and layers- so I am taking full advantage of this mini autumn we are having! I would love to wear tights and boots with it...but the flip flops are still a must!
  • I have just found out that it is more than likely that we are off school for one day next week, as it will be Eid. A lovely little surprise. I am also checking out flights for my April holiday to Cape Town. I am not wishing my life away, I just enjoy looking forward to things! 

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