Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Something has to give

Over dinner, quite some time ago, I became involved with a conversation about time. Now that we have music to download, i-pod shuffles to set, Facebook accounts to check, e-mails to write, Twits to make (whatever!); there must be something or someone that loses out?
Do our friendships suffer for this?
Is time in techno-land taking us away from the reality of relationships?
One guest stated that his commute  in London gave him  time to do all his 'tinterneting'! Fair enough.

But something surely has to give or do we just stay awake for longer?
Mmm no, anyone that knows my sleeping habits(bro, Tania) knows that I am no night-owl!

Running is usually time where I can catch-up with friends and have a gossip.
I don't own a TV, I don't clean (a perk of living abroad, one that I will not easily give-up) and I don't have a long drive to work. So, maybe I gain a bit of extra time on the clock by living in this time zone!

Therefore, how did I still not manage to finish my book-club book for this month!!??

My excuse is that my version of Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" did not come with Cliff notes!

Last night, as I tried to skim-read the remaining 20 chapters (!), I realised I wasn't willing to miss out on an evening in the American South -so I went to our meeting anyway; wearing my pearls and cardigan, I drank iced tea, ate cheese grits and soda dread ...and talked about... the cover! "Do you think the horse symbolised death?"

So -I found my thing that I lost!
I am now going to step away from the computer and get out my Orhan Pumak novel!

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