Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Handy Hints

This blog was written by my friend,(the first guest on 'Robyn's Ugandan Trips' ) when we were on safari. I have just condensed the list.

A Survival Guide for RUT Passengers
  • If told by Robyn, the tour guide, not to worry about the rain as it is a small shower, ignore weather advice as it will probably be a 6 hour torrential storm!
  • When camping, please remind the said guide to zip up the inner of the tent. She has lots of things to remember, so help is needed!
  • As well as remembering the tent, it is best if all passengers remember her numberplate, as the guide/driver cannot. It is needed for most parks and lodges.
  • Do not be quick to judge the single, white female driver. In times of need, like a lion spotting, she will drive like a professional rally driver!
  •  Please try not to laugh when the single, white guide tells all Ugandans, that " I am Ugandan". OK, the tan is good, but not that good!
  • Make sure that all passengers know where the spade and chewing gum are in the car. Useful for getting out of the mud and for fixing cracked windows.
  •  Remember sundowners are not included in the price of the trip - so buy before you fly. If by chance, you are cruising down the Nile and the Bombay Sapphire spills when the hippo bumps into the tin canoe, first, remember that it is expensive, so lick it off the boat and then pour yourself another..this time skip the ice and a slice!There is no extra charge for up-close and personal encounters!
  • Uganda is a big, little country and there are only 415 lions. Bare this in mind when going on a hunt.
  • RUT cannot take responsibility for any acts of nature by wild animals!

Kissing at Kidepo National Park

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