Monday, November 22, 2010

Sleepovers, savoury delights and seasons

Don't you just love it when you have done so many things on the weekend that it feels much longer than a two day break?
I was going to write a blog about my weekend run, which was quite eventful for a Sunday- snakes, boda rides and Shell garage stops.
But instead I want to share 3 beautiful things.

1. I tried two new recipes last night; brown rice and lentil soup served with red pepper and corn loaf. I was inspired by these yummy looking muffins.

2.My lovely friend Jane, is in the city for a few days due to work. She is a very special friend and it is just lovely having company in my pad and having her as a guest. We ate breakfast together, sitting on the balcony before school - a very civilized sleepover.

3. Everyone here, including myself, seems envious of photos of snow at the moment. We have our own seasons in Uganda-it is the turn of the grasshopper! As I walked into school this morning, the sound was immense...not deafening but the grasshoppers were singing beautifully loud that I had to double check what was going on. We have had to ask the children to stop catching them at school ; they eat them fried...we rather they waited until home time!

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