Saturday, June 4, 2011


When I started my blog, it was just for friends and family -I was inspired by my friend's (Mike and Erin) cool photo/travel blog. Then I opened it up and allowed it to be found on search engines.

Traffic is still mostly made-up of friends and family, although it is usually people I have never met (other bloggers) that comment on my posts.

Recently these funny things have been typed into a search engine and people have stumbled upon my blog...maybe they left disappointed...some may have come back.

"I hate Uganda" movie -I am sure this person didn't find what they were looking for on my blog.

Africa school days photos -I rarely mention the 'w' place- but there were photos of my friends and I painting the mural of Ntinda School for the Deaf and of our visit to Acholi Quarters and of course Valley View (on this page).

Beautiful things in Uganda - I haven't written my 3BT for a while, but I did for a while and there are LOTS of beautiful things in Uganda.

Giberish - Yes-  I did blog about how I when I was younger I spoke Giberish (as I lived in Gibraltar...) and have no Scottish accent, but an International one.

How Does African Mamas Give Birth - Well, I really don't think it is going to be any different from another Mama!!But I did write that my friend is now and African Mama.

Hairylemon/Tsetse fly - ah, maybe these people wanted to find out if the Tsetse fly really spoils the visit to the Hairy Lemon. Well- I wrote about my first fishing trip; I didn't come back with many bites, or the sleeping sickness, but my friends and I all got Bilharzia. TIA!(This is Africa!)

Oh-one more thing. I think (ready for a sweeping statement...) some visitors from the States may find me and think, "ah, white woman in Africa, a teacher...she must be on a Mission". As (no offence intended, it is just interesting), quite a few of my readers seem to have badges on their blogs like; "I follow Him" or " I am proud to be a Christian" etc. Anyhow- a missionary I am not, a get paid to teach...yep...paid for working in Africa.   

Juneathon Day 4
A better run. An early start and the sun was shining. 57 min solo, slow and hilly jog, about 8km (that included me going into the shops and getting airtime and water).
I really want to go to the pool to swim laps, but have a few jobs to do in town. Maybe later.


  1. Does the word Giberish literally come from Gibraltar? I'll have to google that one - fascinating! XOL

  2. mmm-no. I am probably highly offending all Gibraltarians...

  3. hi, it's one of the other expat bloggers that you've never met here! :-)

    I didn't get any Google traffic for a long time. I had a couple of my throwaway witty posts that I submitted to reddit though and they got voted up, peaking at 3000 views each which was interesting! lol (After that it went went back to a more normal 0-50 views per day!)

    I do get quite a bit of Google traffic nowadays, however. My most popular post is the "bacon butties and brown sauce" one. I never realised that these delicasies were strange to the non-British before!

    Whereas you disapoint the "I hate Uganda" searchers, I fear that I am probably disappointing many of the searchers who come to my post about the different terms for under garments in the US and UK: "Knickers, underwear and pants".


  4. Thanks Paul! Always nice to get comments!

  5. Thankyou so much for the kind words you left on my Post of the Month entry. Apologies for not visiting you back before now. Just back from a wedding and back catching up with all the jobs that need doing in the garden having been left for a few days!
    This post was fascinating I must take a look at search hits sometime :)

  6. By the way I do not subscribe to the replies here my inbox cannot cope!

  7. You lived in Gibraltar? How obscure. See, this is like the 4th time Gibraltar has come up in the last few days for me. How was it to live there?

  8. Hi The Loerzel family, I lived and went to school in Gibraltar for five years. It seems a long time, but I was young so only have snapshots of memories. It was great though as a family to be there- to drive into Spain and take horse riding lessons there, swim in the sunshine and walk all around the wee place.


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