Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 Inspired by a new blog I found, Diary of a Girl Abroad, another list; my current obsessions.

Current guilty pleasure: buying new running gear online. 

Current blogging about: Juneathon-  exercise and blog about it every day in June.

Current fashion trend: (ha-a tricky one in Kampala!)-my new Kampala Fair trousers, vest top and a long necklace.

Current drink: water (it is Juneathon after all!)...yeah well...trying to drink more of it!

Current food: Heinz tomato soup - the only soup that she bought in a can! Total comfort food, nothing tastes better, especially with sundried tomato and olive bread.

Current playlist – loving the Country Strong soundtrack and my girl crush on Florence (Florence and the Machine) is still on!

Current TV Show – Mad Men. The only TV show I am watching at the moment. LOVE!

 Current Celeb Crush - Pippa Middleton – who doesn't!?

photo from here

Current excitement – 1. Frisbee after school (now twice a week-yipee!) 2. getting on that plane home for the summer 3. summer weddings! 4. Starting work at, what I think seems to be, the BEST prep school in Nairobi!!

Current bane of my existence - my Prado. I can’t even think about it anymore-it is still in the garage and I am moving in two weeks.

Current wish list – 1. A new camera  2. An amazing dress for my borther’s wedding –I think this Orla Kiely (in blue...) is amazing and droll over it online daily! 3. Running gear, running gear and running gear.

Current website -

Currently delaying –making up my boxes, packing and saying goodbye to Uganda

Currently wearing - now, my dressing gown.

Current Mood – am here, there and everywhere at the moment- but right now I am tired, calm and content.

Juneathon Day 8
Juneathon nearly got the better of me today! I was so close to not doing anything, but I went and swam lengths at Kabira. I lost count, but I say I did 20 fast lengths and no chatting by the ledge as I was on my tod. I felt I swam a good half hour, then I got out the pool and looked at my watch. 20 minutes...and I am being generous! Anyhow- day 8...done!

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