Thursday, June 9, 2011


I couldn't sleep last night, I knew what today would bring and the emotions that would be woken. I ran this morning, in the sunshine with my buddy Tim, we kept each other company, lost in our own thoughts for some time. Then I went home to make up boxes; to start the packing. I cried with my house boy as we taped the boxes; I'm packing up to soon. Being positive about the move is exhausting me. 

I needed a wee break before I get back to my sorting; I have not made a dent in 4 and a half hours is seems.

I would rather be at the cook-off that is happening at the country club, but I shall pack, so that I can enjoy my evening welcoming two babies into the world and shower them with love and cuddles.

And soon I will be saying goodbye, but not yet...

There are so many phrases that you pick-up living here and forget that outside Uganda they actually have no meaning. I must remember that when I step off the plane in Glasgow in two weeks time.

Some are quite straight forward-some make you laugh out loud - for full affect do all in a sing-song droll.

Howareyou? Iamfine -Hello (no response is actually expected)
Thisa' (one/way) -this (one/way)
Thata' (one/way) -that one/way
Slope down -go down the hill
Well done - 'good job/keep it up'- i.e. you pass a runner in Kololo; "well done"
Sorry- oh (said to cover anything in any situation-someone falls over, 'oh, sorry', someone is sick 'sorry' etc.
cock-that could be the well known 'coke',as in; "Can I have a cold, full fat 'cock' please?"
bisquets -biscuits
ju-es - fresh juice-opposed to 'splash' (from a carton)
susu - a wee (child speak)
short call- a wee
notwithstanding (as in-'do not go outside, the weather is notwithstanding')-the rains are coming
pen-i-pal - pen pal
clothe-es  - clothes
special hire - taxi
airtime - credit (actually -I can't remember if we use airtime or credit in the UK?)
flash me - give me a missed call
balance - change (if you're paying for something)

There are lots more, but I can't think of any right now. Can you?

Juneathon Day 9
A 50 minute run with my buddy, (God I'll miss you so much Timmy!) with two tough hills - 7km (ish). I haven't had time to plug in my Garmin to check all the data. I have to think hard about tomorrow- Frisbee or a hair appointment (hair appointments are like gold dust here!)...hmmm.

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  1. I can imagine that Glasgow will be quite a contrast. As a non Glaswegian, I would probably make better sense of the Uganglish spoken word, however! ;-)

    Look after yourself! I am sure you will be fine once you have a few days in Scotland. Goodbyes are never easy, but human beings are remarkably adaptable, methinks.



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