Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I seriously cannot remember moving from Kuwait to Uganda being as stressful as this move seems to be. Maybe I am less ready for it? Maybe I put off starting the moving process for too long?

I now just lie in bed making lists, turning the light off, then turning it back on again to make another list.

I have about every hour of the day mapped out for the next 9 days before I leave and there is still just not enough time.

I was just asked by the 'w' place as there has been a mix up with my flight booking (deep breathes), if I would now be ready to leave on Sunday, as in, leave the country in 5 days time...my heart nearly stopped. Mmm...no. I still have to have my last book club and cook club sessions, fix a car, sell a car, finish the 'w' thing and all that entails, throw out, pack, have some Frisbee fun, play in the boda tournament, go to the hash, get to my last yoga session and say my fond farewells. No. Give me more time please...

Juneathon Day 14
From pure nervous energy, I figure I have done the same as a 3km run!!??

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