Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I've not been saying

We had farewell drinks for a friend of mine a few nights ago. It was a lovely night...a perfect farewell. But yet, nobody said farewell...we all put it off. We then still had time to sit down and chat or have coffee or say goodbye.

Instead of saying goodbye, my friend and I sat and shared like we do. A friend that I wish I could have spent more time with before we both disappeared to new lands. A friend that led a similar life, but in different countries; being brought up an expat and finding her identity and placing her roots in a land she now calls home in a country that was not in her blood. The life of an expat, happy to set up house in any country, but desperately wanting to set-up home. We talked, as we often do, of blogging, of stories, adventures and experiences. It's hard to say it to this one, but at least she'll take me with her on her journey to Bahrain and beyond.

I  have been putting  off the goodbyes...possibly...or avoiding it...maybe...or not wanting a fuss and hoping to sneak out the back door (so unlike me...) knowing I'll be back soon....likely.

There are just so many to say that are too hard; it is easier to check things off the list; try to find house boy a new job, sell car, take back empty beer crates (...this was actually three jobs in one!) etc. Much easier to do this than say the farewells to friends.

But, now my boxes have gone and my suitcase is ready for packing,  it is that time.

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