Monday, June 20, 2011

What I'm looking forward to this summer

  •  The flight home - not a fan of waiting in airports, but flights I love - movies, food and drink. What's not to like!
  • Quality time with friends and family
  • Lucerne and my bedroom
  • Running in the Scottish countryside
  • Taking lots of photographs
  • A cup of tea (they taste better at home!)
  • Sitting with my book on the patio in the sunshine (it will happen at least once!)
  • Reading my book on the sofa when it's raining in between naps
  • Being woken by the sunshine and the lawnmower 
  • The peace and quiet of the village- no church sermons or late night parties around!
  • Driving a manual car on quiet, pot-hole free roads
  • Crying at weddings -it's a given!
  • Going to the supermarket!!!Marks and Spencers food!Yeeeaaahhh...choices, choices,choices!
  • Having clean feet-no more 'jinja' (red) feet for a while
  • Watching a bit of the BBC
  • Baking at home
  • Doing some tourist things in Glasgow
  • The radio
  • The Edinburgh Fringe
  • Eating mussels from a pot
  • The weekend papers
  • Drinks around the bar in the back room at home (the 'freezer'!)
  • One of my dad's famous BBQs
  • Free range, organic, boiled eggs for breakfast 

I am counting the days until I am holiday (this is made harder, due to the fact that I have not got a flight as yet!), but this also means I am counting the days until I leave Uganda and my wee world here. Sad, happy, happy, sad.

Ok-this year Juneathon hasn't worked out for me. I had my last long run with my buddy on the weekend but apart from that the only exercise I have been doing was packing boxes and lifting plant pots. I'm going to try again for Janathon!


  1. ooooh, sounds like an amazing summer! Have lots of fun! xoxo

  2. Absolutely LOVE that list! I agree with all of them. Good thing we have a trip home to cheer us out of the moving doldrums!

  3. I have never seen better than this site.


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