Sunday, June 12, 2011

An introduction to Boda-Polo

Yesterday saw boda-polo practice, hail and storms washing out 'Fun Day' at the 'w' place and farewell sundowners (for this lovely lady ) at the American Vice-Ambassador's (I think the American term in a DCM) beautiful home. Just another day in Kampala.

So, boda-polo. Polo on a boda-boda (a wee motorbike). A tournament is being held next week so a few friends and I signed-up for this (I can't remember agreeing, as I had obviously had too much to drink!) and decided we needed to get a practice in before the competition and meet the organiser.
We also had to get boda-bodas and drivers! We have as drivers- Helmet Hassan, Hat Hassan, Robert and as Alex had a puncture we took a random driver...can't remember his name. At the 'stage' (the boda-boda stand) we went through the important things- like learning our lefts and rights. Then we were good to go!

The field

The game in action

Sorry about the photo quality...I was supposed to be playing..!

We  then worked out a few rules; no stopping and no kicking the banana fibre ball with our feet. Ones like; 'only use the mallet with the right hand' and 'no driving over the ball' (!) were too hard to follow so quickly abandoned.

Most of the locals that became our spectators for a short time, seemed to enjoy the game (as did our boda drivers) and cheered when a goal was scored, however the football team that were also playing on the field at the same time were not so happy. We were reminded by them that boda-polo " is not even a real sport".  We tried to stay to our side of the field after that!

All in all a good practice though. I learnt some new polo vocabulary, like 'chukka'. Plus, my American friend, Sib, never shouted out 'Marco' (polo) once!!

Our all-girl team is being followed by a photographer and we are being dressed for the tournament. We have reminded everyone that we are doing this for FUN and have no clue, but that did not deter the hype. (There are no photos of me at the practice, but I wish I had one, as I really didn't know what to wear to practice, I ended up looking like I was going to play golf on a getting 'dressed' for it is probably a good thing!!) We now need to think of an inappropriate name and a theme song!!??Ideas??

We all felt better after meeting the organiser and having a wee practice and hearing there would be an ambulance on site for the tournament!! ( making us feel better!)

Oh, the things we do! I'll let you know how the tournament goes next weekend!

Juneathon Day 12
My buddy Tim is ill, so taking some down-time to get back on form. So I downloaded some new tunes for my longer run this morning. I ran from home in Bukoto, up the f'ing killer hill at Aga Khan again, around Kololo and down to Javas. I promised myself The Telegraph Expat and a coffee at the end of it, if I did over 10km.

Distance: 11.8 km  Time: 1 hour 22 minutes Max Elevation 4 196ft    Elevation gain: 970ft (that must be that killer hill...but seriously feels like more!)
Drinks at Javas: 4 (!)
Flies in drinks at Javas: 1
Photos of the Duchess of Cambridge in newspaper: 1


  1. oh wow. your journeys so inspiring! i've always wanted to travel to africa :) can't wait to follow on the rest of your travels!

  2. Oh my goodness what a great adventure!

  3. motorcycle polo... that sounds frickin' awesome!! :D i can has turn?

  4. I love reading about your life and adventures. I needed to escape this morning, thanks for taking me to Africa for a moment.

  5. Stopping by with comment love! I've never heard of polo played on motorbikes. Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. thanks for the comments...feeling the love!

  7. Seriously..what an adventure! And what a life! In another universe not too far away I would have beent here with you...:) SO excited I found you through FTLOB..and excited to follow, too

  8. sorry for the typo...meant "BEEN" ;)

  9. That is fricking ridiculous and funny. Well done. You are certainly one for taking up a challenge!


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