Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farewell Uganda, for now...

Thank you Uganda for being a wonderful introduction to life in Africa.

Adventures have been had along the dusty red roads with views of rolling hills and tea plantations and open spaces and savannas. Smells,along with dirt, have been etched and I know, even after time, I will be here again, brought back to my running routes or safaris in my memories.

My little home is now just a shelter and a place to sleep- my belongings no longer surround me, they have left, I too am now ready to do the same.

I am going home, to Scotland, before moving to Nairobi. I'm pleased I have this time in between leaving one life and starting a new. Time to close the window (well, keeping it a-jar) on one adventure before opening the door. Time to sleep and recover from the end of a school year before being positive about starting another!

Saying goodbye is always hard. Thankful that you made those great friends that are your family abroad; that help you sort out your car, listen to you over wine, get you out of bed in the mornings to go on runs and help you pack your belongings into boxes. But I'm not sad anymore about leaving, not really. I am excited about seeing my friends soon, somewhere, and sharing and catching-up on all our stories and adventures and having some new ones too. I joke that I feel like Arni in the Terminator, quoting "I'll be back!" to everyone that I say fond farewells to.

So-farewell Uganda,  for now...


  1. Safe journey to Scotland, Robyn! Although I came to it relatively late, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Uganda blog! I am glad that you are reconciled to leaving and looking forward to the future!


  2. Good luck in the new adventure and relish the respite.

  3. I just found your blog throught FTLOB. I can't wait to read more and on your new adventures (and the older ones)
    Safe travels back to Scotland.

  4. I can imagine the mixed feelings you might be feeling as you prepare to begin a new chapter in life, but from what I have read so far I am sure that the next step will be just as great of an experience! Safe travels and good luck to you in your new location!


  5. Returning some comment love. The run went well. I'm working on a post about it.
    I remember stopping by your site a while ago when you were running with a friend and how enjoyable and special it was. I hope you enjoy your time at home and look forward to your next adventure. Your life sounds so exotic to me!

  6. Hope your return to Scotland is safe! Have enjoyed reading your site and look forward to when you move to Nairobi. It holds a special place in my heart because that is where we finalized my daughters adoption!

  7. Thanks - am looking forward to some new adventures.
    @Ross- wow Ross- that is cool. I'm sure you know Nairobi better than me then!

  8. So many memories and so many more good times to come..... Loved reading you blog and hope to continue when you start in Kenya. Many more happy times to come....


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