Monday, January 3, 2011

Beautiful Uganda

RUT are back from another successful safari.

I sometimes think that I am not exploring enough of Africa or taking full advantage of the continent I live in. But as soon as I leave Kampala, I am reminded, once again, of the beauty that Uganda boasts. I will, soon, leave Uganda to explore more of Africa, but just now I am more than happy to play host to friends and family visiting the Pearl of Africa.

This is my Africa; I love showing it off and I know I am so lucky to live here! always the tour guide/driver has learnt a few lessons from the recent safari:
  • When writing the packing list for safari clients, be VERY specific; even list possible accessories. (The phone call the night before my parents left Kuwait to come on safari:  "Diamond ring, to bring or leave?" asks Mum!!)
  • Plan no more than four hours of driving a day. Just because it is an inch on the map, does not mean it will not take you all day! 10 hour days are too much and may compromise the tips!
  • Don't warn clients of flying creatures and their nasty habits, it just makes them paranoid of tsetse flies and the such like.
  • Never tell clients that you have just seen a snake when you are having sundowners, wait and tell them the next day!
  • Do not rely on clients remembering to carry mixers for sundowners; rather than a G&T you will end up with soda water and no gin...solution, do EVERYTHING yourself!
By the end of the safari, my VIP guests were pros at spotting the birds and game; they could even tell the difference between a waterbuck and an impala, or a giraffe and an elephant!!! I joke, I was very proud of my novice safari clients...only once did they not come out of their tent as they were worried about stray buffalo climbing to the top of a rock! Well done Mum and Dad!

Some photos of our trip, if your interested.

We tracked the rhinos on day one. Mum was busy checking out
which tree would be best to climb if need be!!

Then we headed to Murchison to spot giraffe and see the falls. 

On route from Ndali Lodge we got a puncture, mum kept herself
busy as the photographer for the trip.

We spent our Christmas at Ishasha
Elephants enjoyed splashing around by the river at our camp  -
safari from the comfort of the bar...ace!

Christmas morning safari in Ishasha-  spotting sleepy lions
(My blog won't post these photos for some reason!)

Our view of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

More elephants, this time on route to Lake Mburu

One of our favourite lodges, if not our favourite, was Mhingo Lodge
 at Lake Mburu.

Binos at the ready!!!

My two favourite times of the day; sundowners and morning coffee.

Safari guide is on holiday until February. is your turn next!


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