Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's problem

Since today I do not want to have to deal with any real problems; like...I don't know...finding a job!! I have found a new one that I can enjoy solving!

What shall I wear to my brother's wedding?

Obviously this day is not ALL ABOUT ME...but still, I want to look nice.

I do get worried about being introduced as, "This is Robyn...She lives in Uganda," and with a nod of sympathy I will then be excused for my outfit, made more so with the addition of Jesus' sandals! Actually sod it, maybe I should go wearing a friggin' gomesi!!!

Waiting for the buffet at the wedding...
wearing the Ugandan national dress.

I don't have this worry for my fabulous friend Jo's wedding, that outfit has been chosen for me.

Jokes aside, I am thinking fabulous shoes from  Chie Mihara and a simple yet tres chic dress. The wedding will be in Ireland, ceilidh dancing will not be occurring (actually this needs double checking)-so I am not going to be wearing flats.

Obviously my outfit will not be found in the online hunt begins!

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  1. and by the by- i did find a great dress and wore Chie M. shoes!


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