Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday mornings, first fish and delays.

My 3BT from a wonderful Sunday in Africa.
  • Waking up early on a sunny Sunday morning, knowing that you are able roll over and sleep more; the whole day is ahead of you..but it will wait a wee while longer!
  • I was taken, by my African Adventurer, to a beautiful dam outside of Nairobi to go trout fishing. The rubber boat had a leak so I strategically placed my foot on top of it to stop us from drowning. As I did this I reeled in the first catch of the day and my first ever fish! It was gutted on the water and saved for dinner.
  • My flight was delayed...not for long, so really not very bothersome...and I just love watching all the different characters in the airport; safari groups, holiday makers, volunteers, missionaries, families returning to school, the busy and important suits, the muzungus who have been at the beach too long and now have dreadlocks and  braids. Those excited, confused, bored, sad, hungry and tired faces. With this live show to watch, I could only read a page of my book.

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