Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been having a wee bit of 'writer's block' with regards to my blog and writing about my adventures in Africa.

Power cuts and dry taps quickly becomes the norm; the white noise of living creatures at night is easily ignored (along with the calls to prayer from the mosque) and safari stories are really only fun for those that went on them!

I thought about writing about my running routes again..but I am still just finding my feet and haven't yet worked out how to use my fancy new Garmin.

Then school, such a major part of life, is really a 'no go' area.

Reviews...hahahah! I have learnt from my mistakes and a critic I am not.

This weekend I am off to Nairobi for a mini adventure, and I am determined to be like a tourist, not only in Kenya but once I return to Uganda; to look at East Africa with some fresh eyes and share my stories. I also will charge up my camera and take some shots of everyday life. You can hold me to it!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Just keep writing, keep looking and keep snapping. Remember what is not that unique to you anymore is still quite fascinating to those that live "out there."


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