Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend 3BT

Yesterday I was sick as a dog. I boiled two eggs and even though they smelt and tasted funny- I still ate both of them. Clever! I think it was because I was distracted by an e-mail I was reading!

  • Reading this anytime is always a beautiful thing..."I would like to formally offer you a position at..." Reading this from a school that you would actually love to teach at is even more exciting!  Worries of being jobless, or even worse...becoming a supply teacher are gone!Phew!
  • I love watching films and crying my heart out.Yesterday I watched Sex in the City,the movie (the first one of course!)- I thought my neighbour might knock on my door to see if I was OK. I was!
  • "Do you want to see what I have extracted",says the beautician today.Mmmm, no thanks but thank you for making my skin feel beautiful!!

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