Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Location, location, location

After all the 'ups and downs' of safari on bumpy Ugandan roads, at the first opportunity I jumped on a plane to Nairobi to make the most of the rest of my holiday. I watched my parents fly back to Kuwait, then grabbed my own bag and headed off to meet my African Adventurer.

I do realise that, like many cities, Nairobi has its slums and leafy suburbs, and the contrasts are vast. But for me, coming from the ghetto of Kampala, Nairobi (with its smooth roads…most of them!...rubbish- free streets, green spaces, shiny shopping malls, good customer service, fresh hummus and Dorset cereal) to me is the perfect mix of the modern world in Africa. 10 minutes in the car from said flashy mall (with shops that you might actually want to spend money in !!!) and you can be spotting giraffes and searching for lions or less than an hour away, having sundowners looking over the mass barren expanse of the Rift Valley.

However, there are some pitfalls about Nairobi after the convenience of living in a small city like Kampala. Size being the biggest downer. With no traffic (yes, it can happen) it can take over 45 minutes to cross from one part of the city to another. So rather than asking, like we do in Kampala, how long (new) friends are intending on staying in the country…the question may be “Where in Nairobi do you live?” ,not out of snobbery but for pure logistical reasons!

But of all this doesn’t really matter...

I came back with three boxes of Dorset cereal..!

Not a bad place to relax and read!
That is the outdoor bath!

An escape to the country...not far from the hustle and
 bustle of Nairobi.

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