Monday, January 10, 2011

hugs, beautiful things and packages

It felt like the start of winter in the UK this morning. A storm seemed to be brewing so Kampala was unusually dark and the cockerels morning alarm clock did not go off. But after checking the time on my watch, my phone and on the Internet...and some strong coffee...I made my way to school for the first day back after the holidays.

  • Happy-New-Year hugs and kisses in the staffroom and in the playground. Nice to see people you have missed and to have been missed!
  • My class and I shared our 3 Beautiful Things from our holidays; hard for everyone to whittle it down to 3. Some of them..."Falling into the lake when I had a fish hooked on my line", "Building sand hills at the beach", "Getting up early on Christmas day to climb the tallest building in the world" and "Jumping up and down at the visa counter, excited to be met at the airport by someone special".
  • Knowing I have two parcels at the post office waiting for collection...guessing who they are from and what might be inside!!!

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