Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Noise

I joke that I live in the 'ghetto' of Kampala.
The white noise of night, of grasshoppers and toads, are often blocked by the deafening tones of the compound gate constantly opening and closing, the truck horns blaring, the church congregation singing at any and every hour of the day (usually off key), the mosque and its call to prayer, my bachelor neighbours being loud and inconsiderate, the stray African dogs barking to their friends, the local bars trying to attract the punters etc etc.

My brain then decides to make white noise of its own and turns and turns and...this is some of the nonsense that I thinking about and fretting about as I lie in my bed...
  • I really must lose some weight-where has this belly come from!? I have three summer weddings and I of course want to show everyone that I am looking after myself in Africa.
  • I am actually not going to stress about losing weight for the round of summer weddings coming up. No. Instead I am going to work hard at looking very brown, thus giving the impression that I am in fact slim and healthy!
  • My class assembly...bullocks! I must write that this weekend! Will ignore that one for 2 more days.
  • If that rat attacked me what would I do???I bet it would bite me with its two big front teeth, I would then spin and spin and spin and just like in a cartoon it would not let go!!Oh god, I cannot go back to that bar for at least a week...or instead I could go, get really drunk and forget that I saw a rat the size of a small pony there! Yes..good idea!
  • I really should unpack my bag from the weekend...I will get up and do that now...I'll give it five more minutes...I should really try to sleep.
  • I am so lucky, my new gadgets that I got my Christmas are great! My garmin watch is pretty and I ran much faster wearing it yesterday...but how does it work? I really should read the manual.Where is it? I will do that on the weekend. I must also sort out my new phone so I can read my email on it...yes...I will also do that this weekend!
  • I really should SKYPE more...yes, Esther in the staffroom said she had a SKYPE date with wine and everything-that sounds fun. OK,will make more of an effort with the technology thing...this weekend!
  • Where is my white ronhill running cap...?

All nonsense of course! 
I usually ware myself out so much that I can then sleep through the noise outside!

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