Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A stormy February, remember to laugh.

Continuing with my "soaking up, breathing deeply and remembering to enjoy" mantra; today's 3BT.

  • Being woken to the sound of rain pounding on the ground and car roofs outside. Knowing it was still early, so I could snuggle further into my duvet and count between claps of thunder.
  • The month that has 51 days is over!Pay day is around the corner! We have been rewarded with a shorter and cooler month.
  • A guest reader started reading George's Marvellous Medicine to my class; one of my all time favourites. The class were enjoying it so we continued reading about all the ingredients Grandma emptied into the saucepan. We had to stop as one boy was crying with laughter! It was such a fun ending to the school day and gave us all so much pleasure. Book Week is great!

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