Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Election Fever

I feel I can't really write about the upcoming elections, as quite honestly I don't know enough about what is going on. I have been asking more questions recently and buying the local newspaper more, but I am still none the wiser. So I am not putting in my 2 pennies worth (I just may add a few exclamation marks here and there)-this is just a light hearted piece of election observations.

Last night, at my friend's house we had a good few margaritas, (that my friends had laboriously spent hours squeezing the 750 limes to make!!) and talks turned to politics. It was commented on how the policies of those standing were not clear, what are people actually voting for? We all nodded our heads and moved to talk about what we would be doing with the extended break instead.

Then this morning when my house-boy openly told me who he would be voting for, (Museveni, to extend his 25 year rule of Uganda) and that there would be no change. Before I had the chance to ask him if this decision had anything to do with the free 'pre-election' mass concert, titled 'The Deal is Done"(!), my house-boy went on to tell me how hard his life was at the moment. So, I asked, why not vote for change? Change is good. "But who? What would that bring?", he asked. I couldn't answer and neither could he. So that was his decision made, change and the unknown can also be scary I realise.

I am now on holiday; schools broke-up early to let those escape election fever if they chose to do so. We laugh at some of the destinations people chose to go rather than stay in Kampala; a lot of teachers have gone to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and one member of staff is going to visit family in the Congo...(the best one I have heard yet)...he did also laugh at the irony in this!

Yesterday I visited Shoprite, one of the South African supermarkets that I use; there were lots of empty spaces on the shelves, evidence of panic buying. As I wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles, contemplating spending 10USD on dipping oil (which I decided against!!) I did have a giggle at the  items that were all sold out; Heinz Baked Beans (always the first to go!), tinned tuna and soft toilet roll. Hmmm, I wonder who is doing all the buying??
Not to be left-behind and unprepared I bought some pasta, water and a few bottles of wine. I just need to get some airtime for my phone and some new DVDs and I'm set!

I'm not meaning to be blase, as of course we don't know what is going to happen. Was it expected in Cairo, Bahrain or Iran recently? But today I am not worrying, I am just wondering where the election campaign is and whether I will still be able to get to the beauticians and fit in a facial before yoga!

Let us hope for a peaceful, fair and free election in Uganda.

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