Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

Fine, I've seen parades of elephants and giraffes galore. But I just can't get sick of safaris. I saw another beautiful saddle-billed stork this safari and lots of black and white zebras (opposed to the white and black ones!) More importantly, I was having such a laugh with my friend; giggling, talking nonsense,sharing secrets and putting the world to right.

But I know that everyone has their own check list of what they want to spot on safari and my VIV, (very important visitor) Kerry, only had one wish for our safari. To see a lion. I nodded my head, "sure, no problem," I said.

I secretly had my doubts of finding them. Ugandan lions aren't always sleeping on fig trees for easy spotting.

However, within the first 15 minutes of entering Queen Elizabeth National Park, we found three sisters.

They even tried for a kill, but I think the land rover that came and parked in front of the girls put them off a bit (!) and the young Kob got away, unaware of being so lucky!

One of the sisters we spotted at the mating ground.

Once we checked 'lions' off the list, we were able to get back to other important holiday duties, like sunbathing and swimming in lakes!

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