Thursday, February 17, 2011

Game&set, flowers and discoveries


  • I won a set of tennis this morning. It has taken a year with my partner to get to this stage! She won the next - but I am happy all the same.
  • I get a text from my special visitor, she is getting on the plane at Heathrow and will be here in a few hours. I go to the shops to get some fresh flowers.
  • I found poppy seeds at the shops. The lady at the till laughs seeing how excited I am when I discover them. The lemon and poppy seed loaf is on the oven!

(Oh no! I've just burnt my loaf!!!RRRRAA!!)


  1. Are tennis lessons easy to coordinate in Kampala? I am interested in taking lessons and will be soon relocating to Kampala from the states. I was not planning to bring my racket, but if there is a possibility of taking lessons then I would.

  2. Yes, very easy. I play at the Kabira Country Club and its about 25 000ugx/13 dollars for an hour (with ball boy. You can also play/get lesssons at the ARA, (American Recreational Association). I would bring your racket!


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