Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Call yourself a runner?

My training schedule for my first half-marathon in May was pretty ad-hoc. My then running buddy and I were good at putting on our trainers and getting out the house, but distances were guessed and runs were timed by looking at the sun.

This time round is a little different.

I have a pink Gamin, which I can now use (thanks to the parentals for the gift), a new pink cap (thanks to my African Adventurer) , a cute pink and white running top (thanks to Jo), a pink I-pod shuffle (thanks to my bro and Emer...are they trying to tell me something!!??) AND my very own coach!

Today, my running buddy (come coach), Tim, took me to do my first ever interval training session. Now, as a runner's world reader, I know all about the positive effects of fartleks and intervals...but have I done The reason; they are so HARD. The end of each interval was like finishing a race, with Tim cheering me in over the line. My wee legs find sprint running very hard...but apparently I will notice the difference in just two weeks on my long runs.

I was told, after my first race in Dubai, that then I could call myself a 'runner' . I actually think that now I have started interval training, I am a 'runner'. I better be. I'm not doing them for nothing!

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