Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holey Moley

Everybody who knows Kampala, knows it is no shoppers paradise.

I have been looking forward to getting  few new pieces when I go home this summer. I have for a while. Now am I counting down the days until a mini shopping spree!

My VIV (very  Important Visitor), Kerry, came out for safari, looking lovely, dressed head to toe in Primarni (a shop I have only ever walked in and out of empty handed when I see the queues!) and made me feel quite unglamourous.

"No Robyn, (she would say) your clothes are nice. I just wouldn't wear the ones with holes in anymore! Did you wear that when your Mum visited!?" (Actually yes I did, in the secret hope that my mum would then buy some new clothes for hasn't worked, yet, maybe in the summer!!!)

Or... (my glamorous visitor says)

"Eh,I think there is something missing from that elastic!!! I really think it is time you throw out that bikini top."

Oh bugger, the hand washing really is ruining my clothes! I've just purchased a new bikini online and am hoping that I'll have a washing machine in Nairobi!

Reading my set literature for the holidays!

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