Monday, February 7, 2011

Election Explorations

A sudden change of plan...Kenya will have to wait. RUT (Robyn's Ugandan Tours) will be taking on a special client in February after all.

Yes, the elections are taking place and in many other countries this wouldn't be a frightening time, but the truth is, this is Africa and we don't know what will happen. Some people say that the process will be calm, as the outcome is 'known' already, corrupt as it is. Others are heading to the beach, just in case, or stocking-up in airtime, water and money, ready to camp in the house.

I hope and think that any loud outcries and demonstrations will be in pocketed areas and we may not even hear about these. I hope.

Either way, RUT is going ahead. It was an easy decision in the end may be one of the last RUTs and I want Kerry to see where I live, meet my friends and I want to show-off Uganda! Plus, I have found that it is so much cheaper than safari in Kenya, I also know Uganda...and all the roads not to take (isn't that right Tania, Mum, Dad...ha!),I am pretty good at planning and was able to sort out our holiday in a few hours.

 I cannot wait!

The driver come guide (that is I!) has selected two new places to visit:

We are going to head to the Crater Lakes first, to Kyaninga Lodge. I think it looks great and have been wanting to go for a while.

We are then going to camp in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, (I've never camped here before) to go and hunt lions. This is quite a mission, as there are only about 750 lions in the whole of Uganda, but is a special request from my client, so I hope I can find one!

We are then going to one of my favourite lodges in Uganda; Mihingo Lodge to pamper ourselves and find some white and black zebras..and also EAT LOTS...the food is so good!

A couple of photos from my last visit to Mhingo...

 So, this is what I will be doing at the end of next week!


  1. Kerry Will love it.... I am very jealous!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I hope so! I got a bit worried hearing about the hippos at the campsite...but will pretend to be brave!!


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